My name is Arabella but most people know me by Bella. I’m from the UK but am currently living in the middle of the Atlantic in Bermuda with my husband Toby (we’ve been married for over two years now!).
I’m a bit of a fitness and health freak so, if you follow my Insta stories, expect some unflattering post-workout shots and LOTS of pictures of food.

I absolutely love cooking – there’s no reason why healthy food can’t be delicious but sometimes I do roam in the more ordinary – if I’m going to eat/make a brownie, it’s going to be a f**king brownie! Cheat days are wonderful but food for the soul is as important as food for the body. I’m probably about 90% plant based and currently working on that other 10 – but bear with me as it’s hard to do on a random island like Bermuda.

I’ve always loved fashion but it has taken me some time to find myself and the style that best suits me – that’s normal I reckon, looking back at some of my favourite bloggers of all time I don’t always think they had it nailed from the word go…

I hope you like my style, I don’t wear a lot of colour and I’m quite short so I do have to be a bit careful about what I choose. Overall I dress for me and I am comfortable in the way I do it, I like some preppy looks at times but my favourite mood is minimal and in that, my life is simple.

Please do leave some comments, I’d love to hear from you and I’ll do my best to reply to any questions!

One final note…some of you may know this blog by it’s previous name Just Add Cake – with a new phase of my life starting I wanted to reinvent this blog and use my real name – I hope you enjoy it just as much!


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