3 Top Tips on How to Pack like a Fashion Blogger

Well I couldn’t go to Los Angeles and not do the blogger cliche that is the LACMA lights now could I? Yes they have become quite iconic with bloggers but you can totally see why – gorgeous plays on light and silhouettes coupled with that oh so minimal feel. The day we shot this was our last full day and the sun was blazing which is quite tricky for lighting and shadows here – as most bloggers will agree, ‘slightly overcast’ is actually our favourite weather forecast…and least on those photoshoot days.

Anyway, I didn’t get as much content as I would have hoped in the States but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this post on a few travel tips I keep in my back pocket. If you’ve ever wondered how to pack light….and then not, well I’m your gal. Seriously, I do have some genuine tips though….promise.

 #1 Make an itinerary and include you outfits

Not outfit planning and chucking everything into your suitcase is always going to lead to over packing. Whether it’s packing for a long weekend or a two week summer blowout, if you want to pack like a fashion blogger you need to get on that Excel spreadsheet. I admit I do always throw in a couple of extra basics even if I don’t have a plan because sometimes you just can’t trust the weather!

#2 Wear you heaviest jacket on the plane

…and a hat. This might not seem the most sensible if you’re jetting off to Africa or pretty much anywhere other than the UK but remember a holiday has to end and evenings can get cool so wear your jacket on the plane and plan to wear it on the way back so you don’t have to adjust for weight allowance.

#3 Miniatures

This might be a tip for beauty bloggers rather than fashion bloggers but if you’re into your make up and beauty products then minis are a godsend. I keep a shoebox under the bed of all the minis I get that I want to try and rummage through before a holiday. This way I’m trying new products and keeping my weight limit down. Also, try to use products that are nearing their demise as you can throw the heavy packaging away before you come home allowing for plenty more impulsive nic-nac buying!



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