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I’ve never really struggled too much with my skin over the years. I guess growing up I had a remarkably healthy diet, loved drinking water and can remember my Nan handing my sisters and I our first tub of Nivea to use every morning in the car on the way to school.

I really am lucky – getting into my teenage years I avoided the often genetic ailment of acne and only got a few infrequent hormonal spots. I remember my best friend telling me to use toothpaste on a pronounced white head to ‘make it go away faster’….needless to say that did not work.

The one area I was not so good in until probably only a couple of years ago was having a good night time routine. I would often take my make-up off with face wipes, wash with soap and not even use a moisturiser! I know…it’s hard to imagine!

These days my regime is far more strict and so much like habit I definitely couldn’t imagine going to bed not doing it…just like brushing your teeth. I admit I have a shorthand version – for those times that I really am very tired or have come in from a night out, but even my short version contains a double cleanse!

During the winter I do sometimes have some issues with my skin – I still consider myself lucky, it’s not like they’re HUGE issues – but to me, they are that little bit annoying and so recently I’ve had to take a few extra steps to sort it out. My main issue is dryness around the nose and on my chin – it looks quite red and even a bit pigmented…so much so that I am quite self-conscious when not wearing make-up. My other issue is redness, as clear as my skin is the tone is certainly not even.

So recently I went to get my face ‘mapped’ by Dermalogica. I popped into Selfridges and asked for the free service to see what areas of my skin I could improve and what products could help. Now the dryness was no secret, however, I wasn’t aware that my skin was slightly dehydrated around the eyes. 

After I’d finished the service (it takes about 10 mins usually….although I nattered on a bit) the skincare expert emailed me a prescription of four recommended products to help with the issues I was having. So I ended up with these four that you can see in these pictures and I guess I’d like to tell you how I got on.

Skin Hydrating Masque

With my skin being quite hydrated from a really busy week at work and being unable to drink my usual 3 litres I was really looking forward to using this. I guess I thought it would be quite similar to the Khiel’s overnight hydration mask whereby you use a couple of times a week, leave on for 10 mins and rub off. The texture of the Dermalogica mask is a lot less oily and I do like that! I definitely don’t feel like I’m putting loads of product on my skin and it certainly felt nice and plump in the morning. 

Barrier Repair

I was really looking forward to trying this one. This was prescribed to help with the dryness around my nose and on my chin – I had tried it out on the back of my hand in Selfridges and you honestly wouldn’t believe how velvety it felt! The idea is that the gel texture will act as a barrier over problem areas and protect it from further elements (dryness is often caused my changing weather and air conditioning). I’ve been using this for a few days and can already see a difference! Definitely my favourite product from the range.

Intensive Eye Repair

So it’s probably obvious why this was prescribed. I must admit I’m not always that good at using an eye cream – and the true effects of using one won’t be truly known until the signs of ageing should be kicking in. I haven’t really noticed a difference in the tightness of the skin around my eyes but it’s still early days and they certainly seem more hydrated!


I believe that this is a brand new product and a slightly new development on the microfoliant cleanser; needless to say I was really intrigued to give this one a try. The skincare expert told me that it was a powder and so curiosity got the better of me and I asked her to show me how it worked. Essentially the powder simply reacts with water to become slightly foamy with tiny particles for exfoliation – although this is not a scrub and can be used daily which is really handy if you live in the city and really want to ensure that you rid your skin of pollution! I’d say it’s really ideal for daily use and does seem quite gentle – almost too gentle? But so far so good, I’m looking forward to using this more.

What’s your skin story?

This post is in Collaboration with Dermalogica and Preen.Me

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    lovely! need to try thisxx

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    Great piece. Please check out my London Fashion Week post and vlog!Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love Instagram @alionawithlove Twitter @alionawithlove

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    wow what an amazing sounding product! xO!

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    I hear so much about this brand! I really want to try their products!

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    Lovely products. I've heard good reviews. Inez | My Small World

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