How my style is changing this summer

Welcome to my first post from our new home. How are you all doing, it's been a while? You might notice I've had a little clear-out on the blog recently - sometimes having a cleanse (whether it's Spring or not) just feels like the right thing to do and so not only is Bermuda our fresh start but I wanted to do the same with the blog too. 

Technically this is not my first post, there's another, waiting patiently in the wings. I am hesitating mostly because I'm still trying to determine the content I want to put out. So there may be some more deleting to do in the coming months. Today's post is definitely something a little different - probably a mix between travel and fashion but just a brief 'hello' as well as it's been a while. So let me know what you think of it.

The move went well, we're currently staying in a cottage temporarily, however, a permanent address has also been secured - and boy can I not wait to move in. The new place has beautiful bathrooms so I'm really looking forward to putting some more beauty content out (our old place had a rather small and in-need-of-refurbishment style to it so I never felt comfortable shooting beauty content in there).

But not only is my content changing but my style too. I guess I'd planned it to a certain extent but it wasn't until I put my latest Instagram grid together did I really see the difference. For starters, I've never worn so many blue and white stripes in my life, however, I've always loved this combo. It's about moving from a season I don't like dressing in to one where I can still be me but a little more fashion focussed. I'm really not sure if I'm making any sense here but I guess it's about still being 'me' but a little more summery even though it's never been my strongest season!

Let me tell you one big thing I've learned about Bermuda from the week and a half we've been here - it's hot! But not just 'hot'...humid! Which means that wearing cheap polyester is not going to do you any favours I've learned as that stuff does NOT let your skin breath. Also, always be prepared for the rain (which means foldable waterproof jackets are a must) and be prepared to be permanently walking around with a sexy rucksack...ahem (and wear a bra if styling a white tee, the rain really does catch you out of nowhere!). This really does affect your choice of clothing - it's a fairly conservative country so denim shorts are great at the beach but I did feel uncomfortable wearing them in town. I really need some more skirts and dresses it seems. 

So with all this in mind, I think I need to do some more shopping! Let me know what content you'd like from Bermuda - more beachy landscape pics, just fashion etc.....

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  1. I really like your style!! It has a cute summer vibe. I'm also glad the move went smoothly.

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Congrats on your new place. I had the same problem with beauty and in-home posts, but i've also just moved to a nicer house and I can't wait to shoot photos in the home as well.

    1. It makes such a difference doesn't it! Thanks so much x

  3. What a nice pictures!

  4. Cute style! very summery!
    IG @grace_njio

  5. Well, you surely kept it fab dear! Love the skirt, such a chic classic. Lovely and sexy top too!

    Jessica |

  6. Nice and Perfect looking outfit..



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