We're moving to Bermuda!

Honestly I can't explain just how excited I am writing this blog post, I've been waiting for so long to put these words onto the page and was definitely too scared to do it in case I jinxed it!
But it's true, paperwork left to go (fingers crossed no hiccups!) and a lot of packing to go and we're off to beautiful sunshine and beaches. I'm going to be popping a video on my Youtube channel this weekend talking a bit more about how it came about but I wanted to put the news on here as it means some really exciting things!

Firstly, it means I'm gong full time with the blog - in most cases this would be unthinkable with the numbers I have and I wouldn't have given up a professional career but in Bermuda it is going to be possible and I couldn't be happier to give this thing some proper time and attention rather than odd post here and there.

Secondly there will no doubt be changes to the imagery and content on the blog - I'm going to try my hardest to keep my style as it is but it will inevitably change to some degree and I'm kind of looking forward to investing a bit more in my summer style - something that I've not always been good at (I much prefer autumn but there we go). We'll also be spending a few weekends in the US so there is definitely an opportunity to get some autumn/winter New York streetstyle.

We're not going until the end of May/early June so there won't be loads of changes just yet but you'll know when the changes come about - keep an eye on my vlogs to see what's going on! By the way, these pictures were actually taken last month when we visited for the face to face interviews - it was so difficult not posting or revealing where we were but it was definitely worth the wait.

Any hints and tips are definitely welcome!

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  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing opportunity, good luck with the move gal!xo


  2. I love the pictures babe

    xx LL




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