Is it ever acceptable to wear activewear outside of the gym?

Okay, this might get a bit controversial and I'm going to be totally honest here about my opinion on this subject but I'd love to hear what you think too. I was wandering down the high street in my lunch break last week, suited and booted and feeling pretty smart and chic but I couldn't help noticing the attire of rather a high percentage of shoppers there with me. Then that evening I was watching a documentary and someone being interviewed was also in the same 'look' and I thought to myself "Dude, you're on TV, what are you thinking!" Of course I'm talking about the tracksuit - usually matching - that seems to be more and more popular these days.

Now I'm not necessarily talking about the Abercrombie and Fitch style 'trackies' tucked into Uggs that is extremely reminiscent of my University days (only to the local Co-op!) but the full on, usually grey, tracksuits that are mostly worn by men and actually seemingly worn with a sense of pride. I am going to put my opinion out there - I hate it, like, seriously hate it! When did we become a society that thinks homewear is outerwear? I mean, I was in Hugo Boss yesterday and overheard someone asking for a 'smart, tailored tracksuit' - yes, you read that right! But I do believe that there is a way that us women can pull off the activewear look outside of the gym...

Women are very lucky in that we can wear fitted outfits like leggings with slim fit jackets and actually still look really stylish and have 'just come from yoga' look about us (ensure you have tanned the night before for 'extra glow'). Gym wear has become increasingly stylish with marble prints and matching pinks - I often walk into the supermarket after a workout feeling quite content in my 'put together' look and whilst I'm not always too fussed about having the latest trend for my gym gear, I still want to look nice when I'm there - and when I have my coffee/breakfast afterwards.

This look I put together from New Look's new activewear range encompasses all that I love about chic activewear living with beautiful pale pinks and biker-style leggings that I would be more than comfortable wearing for my post-workout almond milk latte. The beautiful pale pink bra is perfect for my workout and then throw on the oversized sweater and I just feel super cosy without looking messy.

*This post is in collaboration with New Look

 "I'd be more than comfortable wearing for my post-workout almond milk latte."

All from New Look


  1. I love how you styled it and I'm an absolute fan of athleisure stayles outside the gym!
    xx grace

  2. Firstly you have to work out how much space you are willing to devote to your home gym.the lean belly breakthrough



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