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It's not often that I have the confidence to try a new and unknown brand to me, it's then even more rare that I totally fall in love with it! This all started when I did a huge SNS beauty unboxing over on my Youtube Channel in January - honestly it took me 2 and a half hours to shoot that thing as there were so many brands to squeeze, sniff and spray than I could shake a stick at! But one brand stuck out and I think largely this was due to the beautiful and minimal packaging that just suits me down to a tee - I guess I was willing myself to like the brand just so I could justify photographing it.

But in honesty you guys know I ONLY write about brands that I love using and will never write a 'bad' review - just an honest one - but I have a general rule that if I don't like something then I just won't write about it, especially when it comes to skincare as everyone is different and what doesn't work for me might well work really well for someone else.

So today I'm writing about TULA beauty - a brand that actually appears to be quite popular on Instagram but relatively new to me but something I've quickly fallen in love with...

 Purifying Face Wash

This one is AMAZING, okay it's not my fave Liz Earle polish but it's becoming my favourite 'morning' cleanser really leaving my face feeling fresh and clean whilst not irritating my skin (or my eyes) in the slightest! I love the smaller size too as it's been perfect for all my travels recently.

PH Resurfacing Gel

If you've read any of my beauty posts before you'll know that on the whole I don't get on with toners or ph balancers - but oh boy have I liked this one! No bad reaction, sinks in nicely and doesn't have a bad smell! The cap was a little wonky on arrival and meant I was toning my mirror more than my face but popping it off then on again sorted it out.

Eye Renewal Serum

I'm going to give this one massive brownie points just for the chrome applicator - so cooling and easy to use due to it's beautiful shape - I'm yet to see any impact of this one but I'm not religious with my eye cream I must admit and I'm certainly not hating it!

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  1. You photography is amazing! Love the sound of the eye serum, definitely something I want to try!

    Anika |

  2. Pretty pictures!

  3. Love the photos!
    Xoxo, Josipa!

  4. It sounds like great products! I need to try the eye serum.

    Wish you a nice weekend!


  5. ooh need to try this!

  6. Nice read, love it! Please check out my latest post about social media hacks

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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    Twitter @alionawithlove

  7. I'd love to try this product. Thanks for sharing dear. Also, your photos are lovely!

    Jessica |



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