5 Trends I'm looking forward to for Spring

Gosh hasn't it felt like a long winter? It's been quite a cold one and lately I've been getting a bit down about the lack of good weather on the weekends - the only time I have to shoot looks. But this weekend finally the rain stopped and we had that perfect overcast-but-bright day to get a look shot.

The sun coming out also really got me thinking about Spring and I guess seeing everyone out and out at NYFW and LFW has got my creativeness flowing! I've got a couple of things on order so keep an eye on my Youtube Channel for a transitional haul. I have never really found myself a good Spring/Summer dresser - I will admit my style lends more to Autumn/Winter but this year I'm determined to find a better way to dress for the warmer months - so there may be some surprises in this post and future ones to come! So here goes...


Okay, this isn't really a surprise, I've always loved tailoring and seriously regret selling my favourite yellow blazer a couple of years ago (that thing won me a competition at LFWeekend) now but I think I've lost my way with this - I used to live in blazers and have a very Emma Hill kind of style but have come away from that the last couple of years and really want to go back, a least a little.


This is definitely surprising but yeah it's back! I have experimented a little with pink over winter but mostly in my workwear - I'm uumming and ahhhing over a pink blazer at the moment so we'll see if I take the plunge.

Midi Skirts

Not to be confused with the ribbed knitwear or viscose skirts of 2015, these are free flowing and generally with sawn off hems in funky patterns like polka dots, stripes or block colours. I'm really excited about trying this with knee high boots in Spring!

Slogan anything

Whether you agree with politics in fashion or not, fashion houses and high street stores alike are using their platforms to make a difference. Whilst I'm a bit on the fence about profiting from feminism or the world's general hatred of Trump, it's really exciting to see River Island's latest collection support the anti-stereotyping movement. You're going to see this in tees, scarfs and bags this season.


Even I'm surprised by this one but to be honest it gives me another excuse to but a check blazer - look out for gingham again this season and trench coats with a Prince of Wales check. It's great to see pieces moving through seasons (mostly for my bank balance).

What are you looking forward to in Spring?


  1. Very elegant and stylish outfit ;)


  2. Oh wow, you look so elegant and fabulous here dear! Loving the edgy look on you, you picked the perfect pants for the coat and booties too.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com



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