The boots you just can't live without

If someone turned to me and asked 'what is the one item in your wardrobe that you simply couldn't go without'? I'd find it a toughie. There are so many different things I just love and (underwear aside) they're not always 'essential'. If  you're asking me in the winter then I might start to ponder on my grey wrap coat that just seems to work for every occasion or if it's summer I might think about my sandals or a rucksack that is my trusty companion abroad. But if I really stop and think about it, no matter what the time of year, I really would struggle to live without a basic pair of black ankle boots.

It's taken me a long time to find the 'perfect pair'; for me it was two years ago in a Zara store in Reading. I was visiting the dentist and wandered in to see them hiding on the bottom shelf below a bunch of other coats and blazers you typically find in their tailored section. I tried them on and just had to have them. Some might look at them and think 'oh they're high' but actually the block heel on them makes them so comfortable that I often complete the 20mins walk to work in them with absolutely no issues whatsoever - you may see them featured quite a lot on here and on my Instagram.

Then recently I picked up this beautiful and simple black suede-leather pair from Topshop in their sale, I'd been after a stiletto heeled pair for some time now and honestly I'm so glad that I found them, I mean, they haven't left my feet! The main issue I have with them, however, is that they cannot be worn for the commute; the heel wore down after only one day's use and to this day it still baffles me how Lydia Millen runs about London in those Manolos without getting them ruined (I know I would).

My top tip for buying a good pair of ankle boots is to not scrimp on them! I love high street and the likes of Topshop, Zara and River Island make brilliant pairs as well as Dune - I've always found these super long lasting. If I'm going to the pricier side of things then Stuart Weitzman kills it with boots - in particular I recommend buying from Russell and Bromley as their after-care service is like no other. I found a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots (wedged!) wore down really quickly on the heel so I took them in, they got sent off immediately with no charge and returned back to me with no problems since! Also, do try to ensure that they are leather or suede-leather, it just means that they will stretch and mould to your feet so much better meaning that they're far more comfortable in the long run (even if they do need a bit of breaking in).

Here are a few of my favourite picks...

High Street

High End




  1. These boots are so pretty! Loved this post xx

  2. Indeed, hard to imageine life without these gorgeous boots. ha! Lovely booties!

    Jessica |



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