How I juggle blogging and the 9-5

Right I'm going to be totally honest here and say that I don't. Well, I mean I try but most of the time but it's an uphill battle to get posts shot and written and videos edited and uploaded. Yes it does infuriate me when full-time bloggers moan about 'not having a day off in months' when there's quite a number of us putting out a lot of content too and working a full-time job around it - we absolutely cannot have an evening off at the Champneys Spa and if it rains on the weekened, well we're screwed. Don't get me wrong I totally understand that most of them have been there too but it's just easily forgotten and can really get me a little riled.

This year I thought I'd re-evaluate how I try and juggle everything as the more you try and do the more you stress. January has been a strange month for me, i've spent a lot of it on the road with work not being able to squeeze in much blogging or getting to the gym for that matter. So as February comes in I wanted to make a few changes to help me manage everything that little bit better and just start to feel a little less stressed about it all.

Plan Plan Plan...this is especially important with Youtube videos - with the blog I like to write most of the content as it comes to me (unless sponsored of course) but this year I'm planning my Youtube videos a month in advance and trying to get them filmed two weeks ahead - it's not a huge gap but it just means that if I can't do something one weekend, I still have some content.

Cut back on the gym...I know this sounds like a strange one for the start of the year but with trying to take on Triathlon and progress my blog I realised that I might have to choose and so yes I'm still going to train (and those planned ahead weekends make the Sunday morning bike ride a little easier) but I'm not going to beat myself up if I can't get in more than three/four sessions a week - cause it's okay!

Start taking photos more...I'm hoping to get myself a new iphone next month and that means having a good camera on me at all times and I really want to get better at just taking more photos and making my Instagram a bit more...well...instant.

The weather can really make things difficult in this country, take this shoot for example, I wasn't going to bother as it was starting to rain again and the wind was howling even though the weather bloke last night told us otherwise but I persevered and yes I didn't get my best pictures but I kind of thought they were fitting for this post to show that two wet weekends in a row can really spoil consistent content.

My goal this year is to go part time with work and my blog, that would just be fantastic as I love this aspect of my life but I don't want to lose touch with my professional career either - for those who are new, I work in Financial Services for a global insurer and whilst I love it, there's something that keeps pulling me towards creating more content.

Right, I've been a good cookie today and got all my major work done by 2pm so I'm off for a do you juggle it all?

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    wow it's so awesome photograph,and Really So beautiful picture,I love these tips,Thanks dear for sharing...



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