Why I'm looking forward to Autumn

This is a bit of a strange post to be writing on a rather hot and sunny bank holiday weekend here in England but hey, anyone who lives here will know that sunshine is short lived and one should always be prepared for wetter (and colder) weather! I thought it has been a while since I just wrote a more chatty blog post and so here we are....enjoy!

Autumn is my favourite season, I always say this and every year it's true. There's something about over the knee boots and camel coats that I just can't resist - even as a child I used to always ask for new boots for Christmas! There's also nothing like coming home from a cold run or getting drenched on the way home to work to a hot meal or a cup of coffee/green tea and a biscuit.

So what's new? Well, not a lot, work is the same and I'm training more than ever - since deciding to go into Ironman 70.3 distance triathlons I must admit I spend a fair bit of time wearing lycra and not a lot of time wearing Zara - but with the house deposit saving ramping up it it's probably not a bad thing to step back on the fashion front for a little while. Speaking of which, I never really put any fitness stuff on here, obviously triathlon training is extremely niche but would any of you be interested in hearing a bit about training regimes, what I eat etc... even if just on my Youtube Channel? Please let me know as I'd love your feedback.

I've gone off topic a little bit haven't I? Back to Autumn dressing it is...honestly I can't wait to get back to wearing more grey (obvs my favourite colour) and layering a bit more. You're also a complete and utter liar if you're not looking forward to skipping the weekly fake tanning (heck I've already started!). Summer is fabulous but it's a little too much effort to look 'effortless' for me and that's something I've never been good at.

I've made my annual boots purchase already and it's only August - these beautiful sock boots you can see in these pics. They're from Zara who, in my opinion, tend to do the best high street ankle boots that last, are chic and stylish and are also remarkably comfortable.

That's probably enough rambling from me, I guess I just wanted to write a more relaxed post for once rather than thinking SEO and well, I suppose what everyone else wants to read....a blog is personal most of the time and it's a great outlet when you just want to get some thoughts out there.

So what is your favourite season? Are you looking forward to Autumn?


  1. you have a wonderful dress;)


  2. Autumn is definitely my favourite season of the year, so pretty! Love your outfit x

    Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

  3. What a lovely polka dress!


  4. Love your boots babe

    xx LL


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