3 Trends to invest in for Autumn

Can you believe that it's time for this post already? How quickly did that summer go? Well I guess it's not over yet but it certainly feels that way here in England. 

I like to think ahead and so I've started to create some ideas around an autumn wardrobe - it is my favourite season after all so I do get super excited. I'm taking a little bit more of a budget approach this year though, we're about 6 months away from buying our dream home and with Christmas in the middle of that, it's going to be a challenge and that means fewer items for me this year. Because when it comes to Autumn/Winter I'm all about quality not quantity.

So do stick with me guys, there might be fewer posts and you might see a few of the same items cropping up time after time but rest assured it is only temporary (and it will be worth it for the homeware posts trust me!).

Right...let's get into this.

 Checkered jackets

These were very much a big thing last year and I'm pleased to see that they're back. Do you remember that Zara Instagram favourite? I do and it haunted me for months that I didn't get it so this year I didn't make the mistake and picked up this really similar version from Asos, I love it!


Always a favourite of mine - you can tell that from my Instagram - but did you know that I only recently bought my first ever denim jacket!? Unbelievable, of course I'm now obsessed. Double denim is a thing guys and it's staying so focus on oversized jackets and straight/mom fit jeans.

Metallic boots

Yep another trend from last year (I'm really loving the continuity of trends these days) - you have Chanel and those Storm Troopers to thank but yes galactic is back and I'm loving the silver ankle boots out there right now, I'm thinking of pairing them with black and denim skirts, what about you?

Shop the trends

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  1. Chic outfit to enter fall ;)


  2. You look amazing in this outfit! I am sooo ready for Autumn :D

    Check out my blog Starshine Beauty


  3. Very nice look

    xx LL




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