Why I'm loving Gingham

I've said it before and I'll say it again; this season's trends are so unique and so incredibly plentiful. There are just so many to chose from that really fit either the minimalist in you or the maximalist - it's your choice and either look great!

So I guess one major reason I'm lusting over Gingham is that it is mostly black and white and, well, I'm a simple child really and boy do I like my monochrome. I've really toned down my dressing over the years and where at 15 I wouldn't be caught dead without a blazer, now I'm happiest in some blue jeans, cute heels and a biker jacket. Perhaps not on this occasion though.

This was definitely a dress in the 'perhaps I'll send back' category, the one that you order to give it a go but you're not really sure if it's going to work for you. Sometimes you've just got to give things a go and try something a little out the box - you might just surprise yourself!

I was trying on a few other bits and bobs from my haul and loafers are much easier to film in as they slide on and off in try on videos so by chance I had them handy and really felt that they went really well! I mean now it's Spring I am living in my loafers but still, it's a good pairing.

This dress is perfect as it ticks off two key trends - ruffled sleeves and the classic gingham pattern. In fact, the sleeves are my favourite aspect of the dress although I don't think I'lll be eating any soup in this one!

What are your favourite trends for Spring and how are you rocking gingham?

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  1. This is just beautiful! I absolutely love the sleeves on your dress! x


  2. You look beautiful in this dress;)


  3. such a pretty outfit! LOVE this!
    have a great day!



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