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Getting into summer we want to make a few changes to not only the way we look, but also the way that we feel. For me, being an IBS sufferer and someone always looking to keep those sneaky few pounds away, trying different methods has always been something I've been keen on. 

However, I've had some bad experiences with teatox regimes before and so when Teagime asked if I'd review their teas I took some time to do a bit of research. The issue with most of these types of 'two week detoxes' is that they contain laxatives and, quite frankly, the teas aren't that nice. So I was really surprised that Teagime don't include any laxatives in their teas and you can tailor what you get for certain health benefits and request to not have certain flavours. In fact, it couldn't be simpler! My two weeks is now up so let's see how I got on....

So first off let's talk about the teas that I was sent. You're given three types of teas, one for morning, one for the afternoon and one for the evening.


'Fresh Start. With a hint of peppermint to give you that extra morning pick-me-up.'

So this tea was designed to increase my metabolism, eliminate toxins and boost energy. I can't really say anything about my metabolism as I work out most days and it has been improving recently due to that. Identifying whether my body has rid itself of toxins is rather difficult, however, without going into the details....I reckon it did. The teas might not contain laxatives but there's only one way to flush out toxins and I did notice some change in that area. I wouldn't say I felt any more energetic although I was on a relaxed week at my parents last week so again it was hard to tell.


'Onwards and upwards. Fight the after lunch slump with this blend which clears skin and improves circulation.'

Okay, with only two weeks it's hard to talk about improved circulation but I believe the point of these teas is to drink them regularly and not just for two weeks. This tea claimed to curb cravings and burn fat and I must admit I really didn't have those afternoon cravings getting home from work that first week! I didn't notice much difference on the fat burning front though....


'Fields of pontefract. This brew aids digestion and gently settles your stomach.'

Last one. This tea was designed to aid digestion, clear skin and reduce stress. I'll cut to the chase, I didn't feel any less stressed and my skin is usually quite good although with the added chocolate at Easter I was expecting a pimple or two that did not arrive. The biggest difference was on digestion, I do feel that the teas overall did 'upset my tum' a little bit but not to the point of being distressed, it felt more that they were working. I didn't feel hungry all the time, my tummy felt flat and, well, I stayed extremely regular.

So, my overall thoughts? To be honest I found it difficult to keep up the three a day regime and it did mean that I had to sacrifice my usual jasmine green tea and coffee - two a day might have suited me more so I could still have had an afternoon tea/coffee of my choice. The flavours were really tasty though and I must admit I really did enjoy drinking the teas! Yes my tummy felt a bit odd but it did start to pass as my body got used to the teas and it was nowhere near the same level as some detox tea regimes I've tried in the past.

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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  1. I love tea I drink so many cups in a day! I haven't tried this although I do love peppermint tea, I don't know if i'd be able to stick with the 3 a day routine as I usually love s coffee when I wake up but I do like the thought of a nice peppermint tea in the morning x

    S x



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