How to wear new trends with confidence

Let's be honest here, there are some pretty out-there trends for Spring this year, whether that's statement sleeves to some very interesting shoe choices. But hey, that's what we love about fashion right? What we'd never dream of wearing in December ("Eurgh, never, no way!") we're obsessing over in April ("woohoo, I love it!"). 

I'll admit I've got some interesting choices myself for the new season but I really can't wait! I saw some very cute kitten heels in Zara yesterday for only £20 that will be perfect for summer wandering around LA. I think it's really important to not spend too much on the key trends because they really are throw away fashion - sites likes Asos and Shein are really good for just getting those key pieces.

So how can you wear these trends with confidence? Firstly, remember it's fashion therefore it will be out there on others as well, knowing you're not the only one wearing the style can help - and if you get any strange stares....stare back!

Keep the rest of the outfit fairly 'normal' and by normal I mean simple. For example, the top I'm wearing in these pics is very statement and so just some simple black flared jeans, boots and bag is all that's needed. No calf length frayed jeans in sight.

Walk with confidence and OWN IT. There's nothing that screams 'I know this is weird' more than showing you know it. Keep your head high, know how chic and on trend you look and oooze confidence, if you can master this, you can wear anything!

What statement trends are you wearing this Spring?

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  1. Oh wow! That blouse is beautiful, super cute! x

  2. Such a perfect outfit! Obsessed with statement sleeves like that!

  3. Great blouse ... perfect for a sunny day ;)



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