How I'm changing up my style for summer

We're often made to feel put into a box; as if we can only be that one person and we can't change who we are or how we feel. I find this quite a lot with fashion too, either because we have an Instagram 'theme' to maintain or a particular style we must stick to but recently I've really wanted to break the rules and try new things. I used to have quite a tailored, masculine style but I've been relishing in being so much more girly lately! Yes I still adore my loafers and oversized knits but something about dresses and skirts has got me all giggly inside. And that's okay.

Fashion is a way to express yourself and your creativity, that doesn't mean you have to express yourself in the same way all day, every day. Personally I love to mix it up in the warmer months and with a trip to LA coming up I'm really taking this up a gear and experimenting with so many different things.

My colour palette does stay broadly the same, this isn't just because I like monochromes, blues and nude tones but also because I find it a less stressful colour palette to maintain - everything goes with everything! That being said, I will be wearing a red playsuit and pink accessories this summer because....why not? It's fun and I want to!

This summer I really do plan on having an LA style - a bit more relaxed, with plenty of frills and wrap dresses and skirts with lots of bardots and maybe a hat and some chokers! (Who knows?). Then when the autumnal breezes stroll in I'll likely head back into my oversized coats, jeans and boots and darker tones. I just want to say that this is okay - don't feel the need to conform to 'your style' - it's yours so do as you please! If that dress you like the look of looks awesome on you but it's a colour or style you wouldn't normally wear, go for it! Don't put it back on the rack because Instagram wouldn't approve.

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  1. I love the top! It's so true, it's great to mix up your style with the season, mine definitely evolves!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Nice top, great shoes, lovely outfit ;)



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