How to wear tights

They're almost a necessary evil aren't they? Something you know you need to wear to be warm and to not get funny looks at the office but not the most stylish OR the best for your skin. In fact, up until now I'm not sure I've ever shot a look wearing tights (black ones anyway - I'll admit to the nude ones when I really couldn't be bothered to tan). I guess that's because I just didn't see them as particularly stylish and, being honest, I'd never really known how to style them...until now.

I really think one of the best ways to wear them is with a long coat - showing the entire leg under a jumper dress can work but you really need to be comfortable with your pins as they aren't the most flattering. That's why with this look I opted to wrap my coat with a western style belt (but oh wouldn't a Gucci have looked even better?) and keep just my calves on show.

You know, I really loved this look; I was wondering around London doing some shopping and chilling out but I felt I could have been coming from the office too - totally smart but chic at the same time.

Another rule I generally have when wearing tights is to always wear heels - that can be little ankle boots like these Zara ones or a pair of black pumps (totally leg lengthening and the tights can really work in your favour!).

My final rule is to never ever (and I mean it) wear a different colour shoes...stick to black, even if there's a cream trim to the shoe, just don't risk it - keeping it all black will be the most flattering and keep the look subtle and chic.

How do you wear tights?

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  1. this outfit is amazing! i also agree about wearing heels! you look amazing!! LOVE that coat!
    have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks so much - this coat is a definite favourite - so warm! You too hun

  2. I think that coat will make every outfit a winner - such a beauty!
    A Story of a Girl

    1. Thanks really is a favourite I don't wear often enough :)

  3. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

  4. I like the color of your vest and the booties ;)

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  6. Nice Coat Style is that she had wear in this



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