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A new year means a new start for many of us and a great opportunity to change things up and reflect on maybe what we didn't do so well the year before but want to do better in the coming months. For me, roughly this time last year I re-launched my blog after leaving it dwindling for a couple of years. I know many people say this but I just wish I had kept up my blog four years ago - I just think where it could be now. But there's no point crying over what's passed by so instead we should look forward and I'm so glad that I decided to get back into blogging...better yet my goal for 2016 was to start a Youtube channel and I did! (Still scary but so much fun!)

With just under a year gone by since I made the changes and got back into the 'Blogsphere' I'm still just as motivated as back then - a sure sign that I did the right thing. I'm also really loving how my blog has developed, it's streamlined a bit, I've introduced beauty now too and have dabbled at bringing my fitness and clean eating lifestyle along too (something I hope to experiment more with this year). I still feel that I haven't quite settled fully into my style, it's getting there and I've definitely gone back to being more girly but that's okay - you don't need to fit a mould - experimenting is what fashion's all about.

"You don't need to fit a mould - experimenting is what fashion's all about."

I might not have millions (or even thousands) of followers but I'm really proud of my little blog and hope that it grows more and more in 2017 so I thought I'd share a few tips on how I re-vamped this little website and also what I'm looking to change.

#1. Invest in a good layout

This is essential - as sad as it is with the plethora of blogs out there a reader will make a decision in a split second about whether they want to read your post and so you need to catch their eye and be aesthetically pleasing. I use Pipdig and highly recommend paying for a layout - prices start around £40-50 and they do a lot of the work for you.

#2. Use quality imagery and get a good lens!

This doesn't have to be a Canon 5D iii professional shoot every time but investing in a good lens is important. We have recently bought a brand new 50mm 1.4 and can see the difference - even if the body is a little older. If a DSLR is slightly out of your price range then I highly recommend the Olympus Pen with the 45mm lens - I use this a lot for my indoor product pictures and for outfit posts on holiday and when out and about. Similarly to above, the imagery is part of the aesthetic and will immediately show your potential reader what they can expect.

#3. Line up some post ideas before launch

Consistency and frequent posting is quite key for bloggers - now I'm not saying I'm particularly good at this but there was a stint in 2016 that was pretty good - 3 posts and a week and a video and I can say it really helped kick start my Youtube channel. With the wedding this proved a little difficult and I will admit work has been demanding lately but I'm learning to get better at scheduling and thinking 4 weeks ahead in terms of posts.

#4. Don't try to grow all channels all at once

You will burn out. My Instagram and main blog have taken a slight back seat since I started Youtube but that's okay because that's what I wanted to focus on. Now that I'm more comfortable with my videos I will look to integrate everything more seamlessly and bring the blog back to the top of my agenda. Instagram is very hard to grow and so I didn't want to waste any energy on it but I plan on investing a little more time into that channel in the first quarter of this year trying new things and experimenting a little.

#5. Utilise different platforms and link them

By this I don't mean channels as point 4 covers that off. What I mean is look for and ensure you're out there on the main blog sharing platforms that are linked to your blog so that when you post it automatically shares. Bloglovin is a great example of using this effectively. Also ensure your Instagram and Twitter are linked.

I hope that you have found these suggestions useful. In terms of what I'm looking to change in 2017 i'd like to include more beauty posts and maybe some fitness as well, i'd like to improve my imagery and find new locations for fashion shoots and i'd also really like to get myself scheduled 4 weeks ahead with posts being more editorial than just pictures.

What would your tips be for re-vamping your blog?

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  1. Thanks for the tips!! I find them super helpful :)

  2. great outfit, love that jacket;)

    PS: I would like to invite you to my giveaway which will be ending soon! Hope you will participate :) Bridge of Memories Giveaway



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