How to style the over-knee boot in daytime

Ah the over-knee boot. A definite favourite of mine but sometimes a tricky one to style if you don't live in the centre of a high fashion city. I remember first thinking on casual Friday at work 'could I?' and always chickened out - what is it about those extra 2-3 inches of fabric that make you feel just that little bit And that's the issue isn't it? 

I am currently obsessed with this outfit - I mean really obsessed, I've worn it twice and only had it two days! There are a lot more plans to wear it too but why do I just love it so much? The main reason is that I don't feel that I stand out too much, I feel chic yet like I fit-in and no one looks at me (I hope) thinks 'what is she wearing?' I've put together 3 simple ideas to style the over-knee boot in a way that you'll feel super comfortable.

#1. Wear a jumper dress

Just like in this look, a jumper dress is the perfect way to wear the boots without feeling overly dressed up. This one from Vero Moda has been on my wishlist for so long and it really is the perfect length. Go for one that leaves about and inch and a half of skin showing.

#2. Blue denim

I have a black pair of over-knee boots too and they go so perfectly with blue jeans. I love them together and they look so simple. I pair with a slightly oversized beige jumper so that the top is more casual to balance it out.

#3. A long coat

A coat that comes down to the knee instantly turns an outfit chic but balances out the over-knee boot well to make you feel appropriately dressed for the day time - keeps you warm too!

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  1. I LOVE this outfit! I am not a big fan of over knee boots but you rock this look. Super pretty!

  2. You styled them perfectly! I love them with sweater dresses! Or skinny jeans!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. They really do go with quite a lot - haven't stopped wearing these grey ones since I got them!

  3. love this styling!
    I would def wear this too

    Polished Cats

  4. This is the perfect daytime look. SO in love with those boots!

    Enclothed Cognition

    1. Thanks Keri - I think they're surgically attached to my feet haha!

  5. Great post !

  6. Cute books! Come check out my blog

  7. Love these boots!!





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