The Accessories you NEED this Winter

Every year without fail I buy myself a new pair of gloves. Some might think that this is wasteful and unnecessary; why does one person need so many pairs? In complete's really because I lose every single pair that I own.

This autumn when the mornings started getting chilly and my walk to work required the use of some hand warmers I hunted high and low and simply could not find the lovely grey and faux fur pair that I purchased last year on, I remember, one unexpectedly freezing evening from M&S when my sister came to visit.

So obviously this meant I had to go and purchase a new pair, you can't go for the whole season without some! Whilst I was browsing Accessorize on a mild Saturday on cyber weekend I was offered 25% off hats, gloves and a girl to say no? I picked up a few things (the head warmer in these pictures included) and a beautiful pair of real-leather gloves.  Haul coming to my Youtube Channel soon!


Head bands

Ear muffs


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  1. That fur headband is amazing! I'm also loving this jacket - a great outfit combo.

    1. Thanks Rosa! It keeps my ears super toasty :)

  2. Perfect look for winter! Love the outfits!



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