10 Reasons to love Winter

Now Winter is definitely not my favourite season; I much prefer the transitional warmth and beautiful colours of Autumn, however, that doesn't mean that this chilly season doesn't have some damn good benefits! For a lot of people, the dark mornings and cold nights can really de-motivate and just make you want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and Netflix, but I thought I'd list some reasons to love this season and embrace the change!

 #1 | The coats

Autumn is great and all but quite often I'll walk to work with my jumper and coat and by the time I get half way there I have realised my mistake - and I then carry my coat the rest of the way. In winter you really get to go crazy with faux fur and, of course, beautiful camel wool coats.

#2 | The cute accessories

You might think I'm crazy but I love ear warmers! Not only do they keep your ears toasty but they keep my hair at least a little bit in control when there's a strong winter wind. Of course there are so many beautiful scarves that you can style as well!

#3 | The Red Cups

Now I'm pretty sure I'm not the only ones that loves the Christmas coffees and chai lattes that make an appearance this time of year?

#4 | Skiing

I know this isn't for everyone but without winter it just wouldn't be possible! With my husband being Norwegian we do make the odd trip and I can tell you the snow really is beautiful! This winter I really want to try snowboarding :)

#5 | Sunday roasts

Now that winter has really kicked in the hubby and I have started making roasts and slow cooked stews on a Sunday afternoon - so perfect tucked up under a blanket on the sofa with a mulled wine and a crumble afterwards. 

#6 | Candles

Winter time is when my candles get lit and the house starts smelling festive - you just can't do this in the summer when the windows are open and you're spending most of your time outside.

#7 | Cloudy days

Now bear with me on this one - all you bloggers out there will know just how much some blazing sunshine can totally ruin a shoot. Winter at least gives us a bit more cloud cover which puts the lighting back into our control.

#8 | Boots

Okay this was is similar to coats but come on...who doesn't love a good pair of knee highs (or thigh highs!) in the winter. They are definitely one of my favourites things to wear in the colder season.

#9 | A chance to work on that figure

I'm sure you will all have heard that saying that summer bodies are made in winter and it's true. Winter really is the time to not feel the pressure to look thin and crash diet into that bikini but to give your body the fuel it needs to tone up and take your time in prepping for the sunshine.

#10 | Christmas

Of course, probably the best thing about winter is the festivities. For me it really isn't about the presents but the chance to see my family more and enjoy the atmosphere. I love the more giving and forgiving nature of people and the chance to reflect and feel grateful for what I have.

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  1. I love all the positivity in this post! My mood usually softens when wintertime comes around so this was a great read. :) I'm all about great outerwear as well! Your coat is gorgeous.

    Looks by Lau

    1. Thanks so much Christina - it might not be the best season but that doesn't mean it can't be loved right :) Thank also for stopping by, always nice to see a regular reader!

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  3. Love your coat! Great post!




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