The Loafer

If there was ever an item that I thought I'd never wear it probably has got to be the Gucci-style loafer. I remember these becoming popular at the beginning of summer with Gucci launching some fur lined backless versions, some quite hideous patterned equivalents and those horrible heeled tasseled 'things'.

But something has changed. A few days ago I was browsing some new shoe collections online and I saw some patterned limited editions on River Island. All of a sudden I felt like I'd found my next 'must-have.' But wait...this didn't make sense! I hated this style of shoe earlier this summer and right now I'm looking at a brightly coloured, backless version! Of course, the natural response is to go to Twitter. I asked people if they liked them, was it just me???? There was something about them that I absolutely LOVED but I simply couldn't explain it.

I remember showing Toby and almost yelling at him 'why do I love these so much?'. They were just so pretty and, well, I don't really do 'pretty.' 
In the end I spent a couple of days investigating the trend, will it last, will these look ridiculous in a month's time as our industry moves so quickly?

After all that deliberation I ended up choosing a black version. I felt that this was a perfect medium for me - I knew I just couldn't wear the patterned ones, they wouldn't go with my wardrobe but I still adored the style. I was really excited when I picked up the order, I really didn't know if I'd made a huge mistake but oh no...I practically yelped when I opened them gesticulating them widely in front of my husband's face 'I LOVE THEM, I'M OBSESSED.' I guess my worry was that they would make my feet look odd or would just look plain weird but it totally wasn't the case and I've already thought of about 5 different ways to wear them.

So, I love them, and these ones from River Island are such fantastic Gucci dupes don't you think? They're real leather and are super comfy - bring on Autumn/Winter!
Are there any items that have totally surprised you this season?

Shop the look below.


  1. Looove these loafers, so chic!

  2. Love this simply outfit ! :) Loafers are great !

  3. I love wearing loafers too! They're super stylish and comfy <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna Mermaid Blankets

    1. Aren't they just! So glad I got them :)

  4. Love those shoes girl!!!

  5. Love this! Great post babe x

  6. perfect shoes!!!

  7. Amazing look! Love it!

  8. So chic and stylish! Love your look!

  9. I also felt in love with this loafers <3

    xx, BBB



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