Evolving your style

It's no secret that white is my favourite when it comes to summer dressing, there's something so bright and chic about a crisp (and I mean crisp) white shirt or blouse - I definitely don't have time for 'off white'. If anyone has been looking through my Wedding Series posts then you will notice the theme continues there too! 

Something I've been trying to do this year is transform my style. At the start of the year I was lost somewhere between manish tailoring, minimal and a secret desire to be really girly. This look from back in Winter really highlights the mix of the three styles. I still love minimalism but I've always found a strong pull to more girly outfits with strong tailoring and heels...definitely heels! I still love my Stan Smiths but I generally feel more comfortable with a heeled boot or mid-heel pump.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? The main reason is that right now I've never felt more happy with my style - it's really 'me' and mixes minimalism, monochrome colours and a prettiness that comes with dressing slightly more girly. I wanted to share with you guys tips for evolving your style when you're in fashion 'limbo' because I used to get so stressed about my looks and Instagram looking 'just right' and when I gave up trying to be like everyone else was the moment I became really happy in my style.

 1. Pick your main theme
Trying to be too many things to everyone just creates stress and this will really confuse a lot of your readers and...well..confuse you too! My 'main theme' is in the colours that I use; mostly a monochrome base but blue denim and grey mixed in. By sticking to these (ok, occasionally there's a blush pink too) not only do I find dressing a bit more wallet friendly (everything goes with everything and the possibilities/combinations are endless!) but I rarely end up with an item that won't go with everything else.

2. Look back at your outfits through the years
Okay you may not have photoshoot-quality pics but there's likely to be a lot on Facebook. What is the style that really stays consistent? Everyone's style evolves but often there's something subtle that always stays. Find what that is and enhance it, it is what you'll feel most comfortable in. For me, it was tailoring, I always wore a lot of fitted, sharp lines and so I know that I'd never feel comfortable in boyfriend jeans.

3. Be yourself
This is the most important! Instagram is great for inspiration but trying to 'copy' lots of different people ends up with very mixed messages. Yes, I have my favourites that I like for inspo but ultimately I know I'd never dress 100% like them. For example I saw this blouse on a fave blogger of mine and bought it - but I know they'd never wear it with this style of jeans.

I hope you guys have found this post helpful, how have your evolved your style over the years? 


  1. love the whole look!

  2. Loved reading this! Please check out my Barcelona style book (and all things mermaid)

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

    Twitter @alionawithlove

  3. Loved the post and love the outfit! I feel like I've finally figured out (somewhat) what my style is and the type of clothes I want to wear. Of course I do some experimenting once in a while, but the big picture is starting to get quite clear. Love that feeling after struggling and mixing a bit of everything for a long time xx

    1. It's a great feeling isn't it! I was the same and there's nothing wrong with experimenting :)

  4. Lovely post and outfit. You look adorbs!


  5. Loved your tips babe <3 My style definitely evolved as I got into my mid twenties! xx


    1. I think it's the time when you really find your style. Thanks for reading!

  6. Perfect top!

    xx LL


  7. Your top is absolutely gorgeous and I am always looking to explore and evolve my style.


  8. Love your outfit!!! The top is ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!

    XX, Mai *** The best streetstyle of July - Maikshine ***

    1. Thanks Mai! Hopefully it will come back in stock soon

  9. Amazing photos! Love your style!




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