Worth the hype?

It's taken ages but I am finally acting on my promise of adding more beauty to this blog - it's taken a while, I have learnt a lot, but I am FINALLY 'that girl' who loves her make-up and can't go for a weekend away without a whole suitcase just for her products!

Not that I'm super proud of that but it does give me a better position to comment on certain products if I've tried out a bit of a range and believe me guys...I've tried a few now! My post today will focus on 3 premium products that have had some pretty decent press in recent months, if not years! Let me tell you the story behind these...

As you may or may not know (I mean...I haven't mentioned on here at all...I promise) I recently got married...like 3 weeks ago...scary stuff. Anyway, one thing that is on a bride's to-do list before the big day is to book in a hair and make-up artist and so I browsed some sites, had some helped from my sister and finally settled on one I liked. Now, I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for in many instances and your wedding day if definitely the day to strictly abide by this motto. And so, whilst I'd been comparing, I went for the more pricy option as they listed brands and products that I knew to be premium and liked.

And then I had my trial....well...whilst the woman did do a nice job with my make-up, when I looked in the mirror I just didn't look like me. All this time I thought I needed a make-up artist but I was starting to have doubts. Then a few weeks later I was chatting away to my hairdresser and after a few hours (yep, 5 hour appointment!) of boring my stylist to death, I had talked myself into doing my make-up myself! Super scary as, if you've ever seen my Everyday Make-up Video, I'm not that great at make-up.

Still I figured the amount I was spending on my make-up artist I could invest in just a couple of premium products I knew I wanted and then stick with what I knew. And well, I ended up with these three!

First up is the Laura Mercia translucent powder. OMG I had heard so much about this that I had been dying to try it for months! I walked into Space NK and, as I always do when spending more than £20 on a beauty product, I went and found an assistant. I can't express how important this is, especially with 'premium' products. It's the assistant's job to know about these products so listen and take their advice. I spoke about which powder would be best and the woman picked up the product I'd secretly walked in for. She told me how, for my wedding day, this would mattify my skin in pictures, make my make-up last longer and avoid a shiny forehead (necessary for a summer wedding).

Did it do all those things I hear you ask...it definitely did and more and - honestly - my skin has never felt so soft using this product!

Next up is the Guerlain liquid liner - another product very highly reviewed. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this. Firstly, I JUST CAN'T DO EYELINER. I've tried many times and boy you should have seen my eyes when I first had a go at this. I was determined to carry on with it, I'd bought it and it wasn't cheap, and I had to admit it was bloody long lasting! After a few weeks of practice I felt that I could do a good enough job but on the day my sister (far better at make-up than me) took the reigns. I'm still practicing today and maybe one day will due a tutorial when I've mastered it. 

Conclusion...it's a great eyeliner, it does what it says on the tin, lasts all day and has a very strong colour, but it's not for the beginner so practice on some cheaper alternatives first.

Finally, the Dior Forever foundation. I've always had a bit of a love affair with Dior foundations - they are always so lovely and I remember saving up my Boots points whilst I was at Uni to be able to buy them when really I should have bought food or something. I used to use the 'Nude' foundation and got on really well with it but had heard so much about this new re-launch of the 'Forever' foundation and had to give it a go.

First things first, I went and got a sample - this is so important. These are £33 each so you need to make sure that you are going to get on with it and reviews aren't always ways going to help as we all have different skin types and not all foundations suit everyone.

Anyway, I loved the sample and so picked up a full bottle.

The verdict...I loved it, it lasted all day as promised and I tend to wear it most days now. You really don't need to use much at all so it lasts a long time. The only thing I wished was that I'd gone just one shade darker as I'd been in Greece 2 weeks before the big day and was a little more tanned than when I'd bought the product - oh well, we all live and learn!

I hope you guys liked this post - the first of it's kind on this blog, please do give your feedback below and let me know if you'd like to see more of this style!


  1. Amazing pictures, great products

    xx LL


  2. I've been dying to try Laura Mercier!
    Beautiful photos!

    1. Honestly give it a go - I don't use it everyday, it's certainly more of a 'for when I'm on camera' or going out product so should last for ages!



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