The Bardot Top

Getting back to normal following the wedding has definitely been difficult. You guys may have seen my lusting throwbacks on Twitter and Instagram this week but hey, the first week back to work is always the hardest right!? And I've got so much content planned/lined up that I really need to get working on throwing my energy back into the blog - what else do you do when the months of planning and stress finally just disappear? 

 Our honeymoon really was without a shadow of a doubt the best time of my life and such a great opportunity to try out some new styles.

The bardot top is a definite favourite for my this summer (there's more to come believe me!) and so I couldn't resist a quick shoot in our lodge before dinner one evening.

 There's just something so versatile about the off-shoulder style that allows you to wear it during the day and into the evening.

 As it was so incredibly hot and humid in St Lucia I really didn't want to wear anything too heavy and so these light shorts from H&M were the perfect addition.

Our room was also pretty and open that I just had to take a few snap in it - the room had only 3 walls with the fourth open and looking out onto the Petite Piton - it really was something special staying at The Boucan.

Shop the look below.

I really hope you guys like the look and also the new layout/style of the blog, of course I just had to use the guys at Pipdig - the service was simply amazing and they installed the layout for me in less than 24hours (their website states 48) and that includes a few tweaks that I asked for - thank you guys so much. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts! Btw my honeymoon vlog will be on my Youtube channel tomorrow so keep an eye out!


  1. I'm seriously loving this trend! Looks great on you. x

    1. I'm totally addicted haha, thanks hun!

  2. That top is super cute, i love the style! x

  3. Amazing photos! And such a cute outfit :)

  4. So in love with your top x
    You look beautiful

    Who Will Call

  5. Lovely outfit, that off-the-shoulder is incredible! <3


    1. My favourite trend of the year! Thanks Diana :)

  6. Your are so perfect with that look!

    Have a nice day

    xx LL

  7. Cute outfit! Beautiful look!



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