How to stay healthy on holiday

I love being happy...I mean, who doesn't? Surely it's our main goal in life - to be happy and content? For me being happy means many different things; it's about being content in my relationship, pleased with my work and - most importantly - being healthy!

I also love being on holiday and, like I mentioned in my last post, this means a treat is sometimes on the cards... but certainly not always! If I'm going to be truly happy on my holidays it is essential - and I really mean essential - that I feel good too. The last thing I want to be doing is looking in the mirror and 'feeling fat' then not wanting to take any pictures and feeling self-conscious.

Because I lead a 90% clean eating lifestyle that I really enjoy (I can't express that enough!) when I eat something naughty once in a while I don't feel bad, normally it's after a long hike (we'll get on to that) or a hard week at work, but if I was to spend a few days having treats I would start to feel really awful, not only about myself and the way I look but how my gut and my energy levels feel. So why would you want to be feeling like that on your holiday? I've put together a few tips on how to allow yourself those treats but still feel great about yourself on your travels...

1. Earn those treats

This is such an easy one and can take many different forms on holiday. If you're on a beach holiday - maybe you're at a resort - you can choose to walk to the beach rather than use a car/shuttle service or you can take a morning swim, either at the hotel or the sea itself! I'm not suggesting you go on massive runs or pack your weights into your hold luggage (hello..allowance!) but going on holiday is a great way to mix up your exercise regime; personally I love hiking - in Corfu last week we hiked over 35miles with plenty of incline to get a sweat on (check out my vlog to see what we got up to) and the reward is usually amazing. After a 5 hour hike you definitely earned yourself an ice-cream cone to cool down.

2. Make a positive start

You're on holiday and you want to indulge, I get it - but that doesn't mean every single meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day - 3 meals a day - plus the odd ice-cream - is 21 cheat meals a week! I always like to start positive and healthy and give myself the perfect amount of energy for the day; this means starting with eggs on rye/wholemeal, avocado or a fruit salad with yoghurt. Lunch will usually then be salad - I usually find I lose my appetite anyway on hot summer days abroad and something light and refreshing is just perfect. The same kind of applies to a 3 course dinner - I usually pick a dessert first and if it's going to be naughty I make my starter and main sensible and healthy.

3. Watch your alcohol intake

This is the one that's so easy to get caught out on, drinking before noon rules tend to go out the window for many on their hols and so it becomes much harder to notice how the drinks are all adding up. From the belini at breakfast, the cocktails by the pool to the wine at dinner, those are calories and they seriously count! My personal choice is that I don't drink alcohol but I've promised my fiancee that I will have glass of champagne at the wedding and I may have a drink on honeymoon - because I haven't drunk alcohol in such a long time I'm already planning how much I intend to drink so that it doesn't come as a complete shock to the system. There's nothing wrong with letting your hair down on holiday but surely a holiday is still fun without a new drink in your hand every hour? Plan your alcohol intake at the start of the day and try and stick to it - the trick is to keep track!

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  1. Love the "earn your treats" tip, and so true! Making sure we're active during vacation so we can try out the new local foods is a great way to try to stay balanced. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    1. Thanks Alice - I feel like everything tastes better when you've earned it haha

  2. These tips are great! Especially the second one. I know that if I start my day with a healthy breakfast, I'll feel guilty about eating something unhealthy during the rest of the day, so I try to stick to that.
    Beautiful photos! x Alona

  3. Nice place, your bikini is top

    xx LL



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