How to dress for summer evenings

I love summer, always have and always will. I feel the cold really easily so really enjoy when holiday season comes around and we can jet off to warmer climates. This time we were off to Corfu, Greece, to spend a week relaxing before the wedding in just over two weeks time (omg!).

We stayed in the North West in my fiancee's Dad's house so no jazzy hotel pics/vlog I'm afraid but it really was very relaxing despite the 30 miles of hiking we ended up doing.

I really love preparing my summer outfits but I do often struggle to make them chic as well as practical, not being one for the casual LA style it can be a tricky balance to get right. These pics are one evening look from our holiday, I felt that it was the perfect mix between holiday casual and feeling a little bit dressed up. So here's my rulebook.

1. Wear heeled sandals

Now I'm not talking sky-scraper stilettos each time (although keep an eye out on my next holiday vlog!) but something simple like these Tessa sandals from Asos, the heel isn't too high at all - very comfortable in fact - and the material wrapped around the ankle gives an added 'chic' element.

2. Black and white is a good shout

I generally stick to black, white and blue anyway but wearing monochrome can really make a simple outfit wearable into the evening too - I had these shorts on during the day with a plain white tee and then just dressed them up a little with a nice crisp white top  

3. Stay cool

Keep it floaty, I cannot express enough how bodycon does not go down too well in the hot weather; you will just end up overheated and bloated from the cocktails and yummy food - holidays are supposed to be comfortable and relaxing! Crop tops also work really well but hey...leave those leather trousers at home.

4.  Keep a cardigan close

Whilst it may be really hot during the day, many places get quite cool at night and this can be deceptive, especially when the season is only just beginning. We enjoyed really hot weather during the day where you can quite happily walk around in a bikini but then when the sun goes down it can get nippy and if you want to enjoy the sunsets and al fresco dining you don't want the goosebumps to come along too!

5. Go light on the make-up

You're on holiday! And you will continue to sweat if it's hot and that is a really bad mix for your complexion; if you've managed to get a really good tan then go foundation free and enjoy it, if it's at the beginning of your hols then opt for a light dusting of powder or some BB cream.

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  1. Nice tips, the sandals are amazing

    xx LL

    1. Thanks Lizza - they are really popular!

  2. Those Asos sandals are awesome! I love sandals with a low heel as well, give casual summer outfits a nice boost!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    1. Absolutely, you want to be stylish but still comfortable and these are perfect!

  3. Arabella, these are awesome tips - your look rocks!



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