My first week with Invisalign

This week has been the most exciting and yet nervous week of the year so far! There's just so much to tell you all...I'm going to include last weekend in this as well as that was super exciting too :)
So let's start... (this won't be a long ranty post...promise)

Last weekend was my first wedding dress fitting...ah it was SO EXCITING! I was quite worried leading up to it as I chose the dress back in July and it's taken 6 months to make; I kept thinking 'what if I'd built it up in my head?' I know I had chosen the perfect dress for me, I loved it, couldn't fault it but had I imagined it to be something it wasn't going to live up to? I turned up and went into the changing area, pulled down the zip on the cover was still perfect! I had invited my Mum, Sisters, Aunt and Nan to come along to see it and they all beamed as I stepped out. It was just how I imagined it and I'm so happy! The lady actually had to take it in 2 inches on the waist...I'd better be careful not to eat too many cakes leading up to this thing now that it's smaller!

Anyway, so that's one of the super exciting things from this, the second - as you might be able to tell from the title of this post - was that I got my Invisalign trays! I was quite nervous about this because I'd heard horror stories how the first 4 days were hell and seriously painful etc... I suppose I'd better run you through what actually happens...


I was really fortunate to find a 'celebrity dentist' who has all the latest kit and managed to avoid the clay moulds and instead had a scan of my teeth taken back at the consultation stage (creates your 'ClinCheck' video. That said I still needed X-Rays before my aligners went in. To be honest this was a little uncomfortable as he makes you put a spiky lead square thing at loads of different angles in your mouth but it's over really quickly.

Teeth filing

Now I know that this sounds horrible but it really isn't. I was told that this would just feel a little 'weird' and I suppose it did. He didn't do the backwards and forwards sawing that I'd read about but used an electric tiny version of a sander I guess - not painful at all and I also didn't think it was that weird but then I have a lot of gaps as it is so didn't need much doing. The point of doing this is so that the teeth have somewhere to move into when they get their butts in gear!

Putting in the aligners

So easy, I put them in and out a couple of times and there...done! I did have to bite on what I called a 'chew toy' on every tooth a few times to ensure that they were in place properly. 

The next day

So the first day is supposedly the hardest, I'll admit it was really weird, I had such a bad lisp and thought that everyone could hear it and see the aligners. So when I was in a meeting with someone familiar I would say 'sorry I have a lisp I just got Invisalign' and they were amazed as they couldn't see them at all! So I guess the invisible bit is true...

The pain

I got mine in on Thursday evening, got home and took a couple of precautionary painkillers and got to bed! They seemed fine but around midnight I did wake up with some discomfort, it didn't last too long though and I went back to sleep. I didn't really get much pain the first day, and haven't had much at all actually. I've had them in for a few days now and whilst I can feel which teeth it's working on, it's not uncomfortable really. The only pain I had was from catching my tongue on the first day a few times as it wasn't used to having them in its space. So whilst I had a cut up tongue the rest wasn't so bad. This may change when I put in new trays that will be working on the top row more. 

That's about it really...there's probably quite a lot more to tell you on the matter but I'll do that in another post, probably a 'How to' look after them etc... let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in and whether Invisalign is something you've done or are thinking about!

I do have one more thing that happened this weekend but I'll save that...I will post a new outfit this week and I'll see if you can spot the difference! In the might be able to guess on my Instagram!

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  1. I want to see already the pictures to see the difference! btw I love your instagram, is so aesthetic!

    1. I can't wait to start seeing the difference, will take a little while though. Thanks for you comment!

  2. Thanks for this, Arabella! Been thinking about having Invisalign for a while now..

    1. I can't explain how confident I feel already after one week, the aligners give the illusion of straighter teeth just by wearing them. And the finished result on the video looks amazing! Definitely recommend it.

  3. So nice!

    xx LL

  4. Thanks for the post. I am actually planning on getting Invisalign soon, too. So this was a very useful information. :)

  5. I think the fact that you were able to sleep at all with Invisalign says a lot! I'd be worried about not being able to sleep from it being either too painful or just too uncomfortable. You've eased my fears on that end a bit at least!



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