How to: Make yourself feel gorgeous!

Bra from the new Lingerie collection by Boohoo

One of the things that I just love doing but really feel I don't do often enough is buy myself some pretty new undies. I don't know about you but when I'm wearing new, pretty and (most importantly) matching underwear it always makes me leave the house with just that little bit more confidence. There's also something quite nice about knowing you look awesome under those clothes without everyone else knowing too. Occasionally I do buy stuff with my fiancee in mind, but most of the time it's to make me feel good.

With this in mind it's no secret that Valentine's Day is coming up pretty soon. Truthfully it's never been a day that I particularly like or pay much attention to but my other half and I always get each other a card and maybe go out for dinner (if we can be bothered). Actually, this year I have the pleasure of going to the annual motorcycle show in London - that's dedication girls!

I do, however, think that it's a day to treat yourself as well as your other half - and this is where the new undies come in -  No, not in that way - for those single gals as well, treating yourself and making yourself feel good is equally important! I'm totally in love with non-wired black bras at the moment like this one from Boohoo, I see them on Instagram a lot and have bought quite a few already!

To make myself feel gorgeous it's all about treating my body well. If i've had a great week at the gym, eaten as cleanly as I possibly could have and ended it all with a face mask and an argon oil bath then, you know what, I'm feeling pretty damn good! It doesn't take make-up, good hair and hours of grooming in my book, I can do all of that and still feel pretty rubbish if I've not exercised or chowed down some sh*tty food.

So ladies, what makes you feel gorgeous?

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*Whilst this is a gifted post, all views are my own and I would not post a product that I wouldn't choose myself naturally.


  1. Totally putting all your ideas into action soon!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. I love a good new set of undies! I'm eager to give boohoo's new range a look!xx

  3. love this lacy bra!
    Great post...

  4. I definitely like to invest in nice lingerie and it helps if its matching set too hehe!
    Have a fab day gorgeous x
    Much Love Karen

  5. Looking at these I am tempted to buy beautiful lingerie!

  6. omg that bra is everything! Loooooove lingerie so much! Especially the Agent Provacteur! !!!!
    Your blog rocks!
    xo Beckerman Girls

  7. So pretty!


  8. Amazing girl!

    xx LL



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