Last Minute Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Guide

One of the biggest problems that I have every year when it comes to Christmas shopping for others is getting the little things i.e. the stocking fillers or the Secret Santa for the person at work. Personally I am really not a fan of Secret Santa - it's probably the terrible experiences I've had, I mean who needs a flannel shaped like a Snowman that you once you unravel you find it can't actually be used and was just 'decorative'??? Okay, rant over.

It's best really to think not in terms of monetary value but instead ask yourself 'is this something they would buy themselves frivolously?' If the answer is yes then it's in the bag!

I do find it best to think in terms of accessories though; my sister has just bought a new car so a fluffy keyring for her keys is a perfect stocking filler, my other sister has bought a new iphone so perhaps a case is a nice idea so she has more options.

Another winner, and I really don't have to say this too loudly, is CHOCOLATE! Okay I said it loudly. I mean can you actually go wrong??? (Well, best check their not lactose intolerant) But if you are going to get some cocoa goodness please make sure it's good quality - unless it's for someone you don't really like it's important to get people something they might actually like to buy for themselves. That rules out Milktray in my opinion (eurgh!). I've popped some ideas below from my favourite chocolatier Hotel Chocolate. I love this chocolatier so much that I'm going to their actual hotel - The Boucan - in St. Lucia for my honeymoon next year....yeah that's chocolate dedication for you!

I think I've written quite enough for one post, I hope you like the ideas and tips - please share any of your own in the comments box below!


  1. I LOVE the bag accessory and marble phone case! I might have to ask for those for my own stocking stuffers, haha. Great ideas!


    Looks by Lau

  2. Some great ideas here, love the marble phone case. I must be hard to buy for because I actually hate chocolate!

  3. Nice bralette :)

    xx L.

  4. I agree with you my dear. Thanks for these tips!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

  5. Great ideas!

  6. Beautiful ideas!
    Thank you so much!

  7. I'll have to disagree and say that I actually love Christmas shopping, especially for Secret Santas, haha, but I think a fail proof way to go about them is to, like you said, get chocolate!

    These are great ideas, Arabella!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  8. Amazing ideas (can I get a gift? haha) and amazing blog :) I'll so follow you right now.


  9. Such a beautiful necklace Arabella!!!

  10. I love your gift guide. Such an inspiration.

    XoXo from Berlin
    Valentina | DAILY SUIT

  11. This is the perfect gift guide! Everything on here is so cute. I'm obsessed with the puff ball and the bralette!

  12. What a beautiful bralette. It's so delicate, just gorgeous.

  13. Loving the bra! great line up here !

  14. great gift ideas at very reasonable prices

  15. Great accessories.



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