Keeping Snug

Jumper - H&M, Trousers - Asos, Shoes - Asos, Bag - Zara

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts over the last week, work has been quite busy and I went home last weekend to see my mum where the weather was too rubbish to take any photos! Thankfully I have now got a dry day to go out and take some pictures, although - it was super windy! Apparently it's because of Storm Abigail but hopefully it will pass soon; I don't mind rain but I just HATE when it's windy.

So anyway, the pictures look a bit wind swept but don't you just love all the autumn leaves? Autumn is my favourite season by far because of the beautiful colours and the collections in store. I also love being snug and cosy in boots and jumpers. This jumper is a particular new fave - it's actually from the menswear department, I love how mens jumpers hang a little looser and are just soooooo cosy, I think Toby is thankful that I'm not pinching his anymore :)

I'm slowly getting myself ready for Christmas and am currently tucked up on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate watching the horrid weather outside - does anyone else just find this the perfect feeling? Saying that - gyming in the morning is becoming increasingly tough with the cold and dark starts and my longing to stay snuggled up. So this post is most about being snug and I hope you all feel satisfyingly so now...have a wonderful weekend all! I hope you like the look :)


  1. Your outfit is lovely. I know what you mean about the weather plus I feel so sluggish in the morning I have zero energy to go to the gym. But I am trying :)

  2. Love this outfit, it's simple but really well put together and neat. Love that grey H&M jumper especially!

  3. I love this! The way you accessorized it is perfect.

  4. You look so snuggled and wrapped up - I love this jumper! Where are your layered necklaces from? Or are they a collection of pre-loved ones?

    CB x

  5. This outfit is so lovely and cosy. I bought a mens jumper the other day and you are right they are just so loose and comfortable. Plus the long sleeves are just a godsend!

    Great post :) x

  6. I love accessories. so classy :)


  7. These photos are absolutely wonderful! Love your trousers, they're beyond chic!
    Fashion Soup

  8. Fab look <3


  9. Love this whole look. Minimal and chic!


  10. This outfit is so me it's not even funny. If I could wear skinny pants and an oversized sweater every single day I absolutely would.

    A Northern Light

  11. I really like your look!

  12. Lovely simply chic outfit <<<3

  13. Looking stunning Arabella :) Have a great day!

    Real Life Nerd //

  14. Loving this look so much <3
    Very casual and chic :)

    XO, Elizabeth



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